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We offer a wide range of denture services that include:
Repairs, Relines, Additions, Gum Shields, Bite Guards, Night Guards, and Snoring Devices. Please ask our friendly staff about these services


A complete denture is an upper and lower removable appliance used when the patient has lost all teeth in both jaws. The denture is designed to look and function like your own natural teeth and replace the lost features associated with total tooth loss.

Having a full set of teeth is important for many aspects of your life as well as your oral health. A complete denture will enhance your appearance by supporting your facial features; essential support for your lips, cheek and face and allow you to talk clearly and help you enjoy eating your favourite foods.

A well-fabricated denture will give you comfort and a good fit, durability for a longer lasting denture, and confidence in eating and talking.

Dentures are made from different types of acrylic material as are the teeth and offer varying levels of strength, wear and appearance. The type of tooth used can be of a plastic or composite material. The superior composite tooth comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours and has an enhanced character which captures the vitality of natural teeth. The better quality tooth and base used, the more natural they will look.

Complete dentures in the lower jaw can be more unstable than dentures in your upper jaw and your tongue and lips may dislodge them, so it may take longer to adjust to them and learn how to keep them in place. Gerber Dentures eliminates most of the movement associated with lower dentures.

Whether you want to replace an old worn out set of dentures, considering a complete denture makeover, or even struggle with ill fitting dentures you cannot wear, we can help. A good, well-made denture can give you back your smile and confidence and make you look years younger!

Your Clinical Dental Technician will give you a thorough examination and consultation before deciding on a course of action.

Good materials on their own will not make good dentures, a skilful and experienced Clinician Dental Technical are required. The best results are achieved when the whole job is done by the same person.

Dentures require maintenance, it is vital that you have them checked and cleaned annually by a Clinical Dental Technician.