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Swiss Dentures boast superior aesthetics and
produce incredibly natural looking dentures

We offer a wide range of denture services that include:
Repairs, Relines, Additions, Gum Shields, Bite Guards, Night Guards, and Snoring Devices. Please ask our friendly staff about these services


What are Swiss Dentures

Swiss Dentures aim to eliminate the problems inherent with most dentures and are constructed based on the Gerber Technique which is the lifetime work of the late Professor Albert Gerber of the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

The Gerber Technique

Gerber is a specialised denture technique that allows us to construct dentures allowing for each patient’s individual jaw movements. We do this by tracing a patient’s jaw joint combined with a special jaw relation recording called a ‘gothic arch tracing’. These measurements put the teeth in the optimum position for maximum retention and stability of the denture in the mouth compared to standard dentures.

Marco is one of the few clinicians in the country who makes Swiss Dentures using the Gerber Technique and has gained extensive knowledge and experience through his studies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In 2008, Marco wrote a scientific paper based on the Gothic Arch Tracing Technique and which is published in many countries.

Why are Swiss Dentures different from others?

The back (chewing) teeth used for Swiss Dentures work to a pestle (upper teeth) and mortar (lower teeth) principle to give you more comfortable dentures, especially when eating. They also focus on improving the design of the denture for the lower jaw, which in most dentures can have movement.

Who would benefit most from Swiss Dentures?

If you have complete dentures, after a few years your jawbone will start to shrink altering the shape of your mouth. In your lower jaw especially, this can result in a flat ridge with none of the retentive elements needed to stabilise a lower denture. Normal dentures rely on the suction created by your gums, and without this, dentures become unstable, tilt or rub over time. Swiss Dentures are a good solution to this problem, since they rely on a precise system of stability created by the pestle and mortar design of the replacement teeth keeping them in place when you bite.

Do Swiss Dentures cost more than standard dentures?

Gerber Dentures do cost more than other dentures owing to the work involved.

Why choose a Swiss Denture?

What patients tell me is that after suffering a lifetime of poor fitting dentures that are painful and move around, changing to Gerber Dentures is worth every penny. Even though the initial cost is expensive, the benefits are not feeling embarrassed when eating the most difficult foods, being able to smile and talk, having social enjoyment and living a good quality of life and feeling confident again!

Benefits of Gerber system dentures and what makes them different

  • Constructed using a standalone philosophy based on scientific values
  • Give superior performance
  • Restore chewing capability
  • Have a greater level of stability - upper denture helps to stabilise lower denture
  • Are more robust and resistant to breakages
  • Aesthetics - warmth and character of natural teeth
  • Gender specific - available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colour
  • Replace all the lost features associated with total tooth loss (non surgical facelift)
  • Unrivalled for fit and comfort
  • Provide a personalised look and restore your lost features

If you would like to know more about Swiss Gerber Dentures, please call our Clinic and we will be happy to discuss this with you on 01234 214395. 

Good materials on their own will not make good dentures, a skilful and experienced Clinician Dental Technical are required. The best results are achieved when the whole job is done by the same person.

Dentures require maintenance, it is vital that you have them checked and cleaned annually by a Clinical Dental Technician.