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We offer a wide range of denture services that include:
Repairs, Relines, Additions, Gum Shields, Bite Guards, Night Guards, and Snoring Devices. Please ask our friendly staff about these services

Denture Treatments

At Kimbolton Denture Clinic we are experts in creating all types of natural looking dentures, which will restore your smile and transform your appearance.

We will help you understand which option is best for you and why. Don't take missing teeth lightly, there are options available to replace the teeth. You should take immediate action before the tooth loss starts affecting your oral health.

Complete Dentures

Individuals who have lost all of their teeth in one or both arches will need complete dentures. Complete dentures include a coloured acrylic base that is designed to fit over the gums. The base of the upper complete denture covers the roof of the mouth to ensure it is stable and comfortable. The lower complete denture comes in the shape of a horseshoe to accommodate for the patient’s tongue.

At our clinic we take great care of our patient's needs as our expectations exceed your expectations!

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are usually made to replace one or more teeth. They can be made entirely from plastic, or from a mixture of plastic and light alloy. They may be attached to your remaining natural teeth with metal clasps or flexible tooth coloured clasps. Not all partial dentures need clasping.

How do you take care of them?

You need to remove and brush your denture every day to remove plaque and food particles. Regular brushing will also help to prevent the buildup of stains. It is better to use a brush that is specifically made for cleaning dentures, they have softer bristles that are designed to fit the shape of the dentures. You must always be gentle when you clean them to avoid damaging the base or clasps. We always advise to brush and floss your remaining natural teeth twice a day to prevent decay. Special attention should be given to the teeth that the denture's metal clasps are attached to, as plaque may build up.

Swiss Dentures

Marco is one of the few clinicians in the country that makes Swiss Dentures.

Swiss Dentures is a specialised denture technique that allows us to construct dentures allowing for each patient’s individual jaw movements. We do this by tracing a patient’s jaw joint combined with a special jaw relation recording called a 'gothic arch tracing'. These measurements put the teeth in the optimum position for maximum retention and stability of the denture in the mouth compared to standard dentures.

Do Swiss Dentures cost more than Standard Dentures?

Yes but the benefits are great.

Marco featured in the Denturism Canada spring/printemps 2008, page 29-34 - Examining The Biofunctional Prosthetic System by Marco Sarno, includes gothic arch tracing.

Suction Dentures

The clinical methods and techniques used are very precise, difficult and time consuming for the clinician but offer fabulous value for money for the patient. Professor Jiro Abe is regarded as a world leader in denture design and has devoted his lifetime to developing suction denture techniques. Through continued studies Marco has gained thorough knowledge of this denture technique and is able to provide this service to his patients.

Lower Suction Denture Stability

Patients often say: “My bottom dentures don’t fit properly, they constantly move and lift when I eat and food gets underneath them”. Careful clinical assessment is required to assess your suitability for suction dentures. About 85% of patients possess the anatomical features required for successful results.

For advice regarding the latest suction dentures call 01234 214395 to arrange your free denture consultation

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are ready to wear on the same day as your tooth extractions and can be in the form of a partial or a complete denture. There may be a few months of waiting for your gums to heal after such treatment before you can have the final dentures.

At Kimbolton Denture Clinic, we work together with the patient when there is a need for teeth to be extracted and ensure that the new dentures are manufactured and supplied immediately.  Having a set of immediate dentures prevents people from having to spend many weeks without any teeth and allows them to get on with their normal lives. Immediate dentures are not as effective as permanent dentures but they restore a degree of function and are an attractive alternative to having no teeth.


Marco can make overdentures for patients who have implants or can arrange referrals for those patients interested in having implants.

Overdentures are removable dentures for people with a few or no remaining teeth. They’re designed to fit over the top of two or more implants, in some cases prepared roots – they use implants or roots as support anchors in order for the dentures to fit. They are one of the most practical measures used in preventative dentistry today.

Firstly, you’ll have a consultation with Marco, this will be the chance to discuss the whole procedure and he will be happy to answer any questions and address any anxieties you might have, followed by a referral to a Dentist.

Denture Repair Services

At Kimbolton Denture Clinic, we will carry out denture repairs within the hour.  Marco will be available to discuss any concerns you may have.

  • Emergency denture repairs
  • Broken and cracked dentures
  • Tooth additions to existing dentures
  • Chipped teeth replaced
  • Dentures strengthened
  • Relines

Are you having problems with your dentures?

Come in and have a chat with us, take advantage of our Free Consultation (without any obligation), we will be happy to guide you and help in any way we can.

Good materials on their own will not make good dentures, a skilful and experienced Clinician Dental Technical are required. The best results are achieved when the whole job is done by the same person.

Dentures require maintenance, it is vital that you have them checked and cleaned annually by a Clinical Dental Technician.